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The Zero-Waste Store Map

Find the bulk stores near you!

We have created this digital map to make the sustainable shopping even more accessible and easy! Find bulk and zero-waste stores in your area and exchange your knowledge through filling the form below!


Since we are trying to make this resource as accurate and up to date as possible,

please note that this map is being manually updated, so we would appreciate your contribution by reporting any potential mistakes.

Add a Store in Your Area!
Please feel free to submit physical bulk/zero-waste stores
that you are aware of. Your contribution matters!

The Sustainable Collective


The Sustainable Collective was created as a space to share the necessities to a more sustainable lifestyle. It has never been about creating fans and unlike many accounts out there- it is all about the community, mutual learning and exchanging knowledge. And of course- inspiring one another! Free of judgement and full of encouragement for anyone who cares about the future of our planet. Join us!

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