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The Ultimate Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The Christmas time is the season full of joy, however it is also responsible for a lot of waste… and not only food wise. That’s why we believe that choosing well is the key to minimising the harmful impact of irresponsible shoppers. Giving useful sustainable gifts to your beloved ones is one of the simplest ways to bring the zero waste conversation in an exciting and inclusive way. This is why I created this ultimate sustainable Christmas gift guide as a list of my favourite items so you can stick to your values when gifting this year.

Global wakeup coffee cup, water bottle and flask featured in the sustainable collective blog


Based in London, Global WAKEcup is a company that offers a stylish line of reusables including bamboo coffee cups, water bottles, straws, vegan bags and more. Their cups and bottles have a beautiful bamboo finish, and are perfect on the go. Their company helps to tackle “the big four”, preventing millions of single-use items reaching oceans. For all sales, 10% of their profits go to The Marine Conservation Society, a charity that works tirelessly to keep our seas clean and safe for all marine creatures.

Why is this a great Zero Waste gift?

Great range of products to get anyone started on their sustainable journey. Worldwide shipping available.


EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: 10% off your entire order with code ‘sustainable' at the check out.

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kuishi glass amber bottles and the bamboo towel featured in the sustainable collective blog


Based in Cornwall, Kuishi is all about creating beautiful yet sustainable home. Inspired by simple and natural spaces. Their unique product range includes everything you will possibly need to start your plastic and toxic free household. Their website is full of great gifts ideas from amber glass spray bottles, jars and dispensers to stunning bamboo towels and jute rugs hand-made in India.

Why is this a great Zero Waste gift?

Perfect range for all sustainable home enthusiasts. Gift cards available so no worry about picking the wrong size or colour. All their products are packed plastic-free. Win win.

Website | Instagram

Subluceo zero waste soy candles burning featured in the sustainable collective blog

Subluceo Candle

Subluceo is a company dedicated to provide beautifully smelling candles without compromising on your health or sustainability. All their candles are vegan and hand poured, made with 100% natural soy wax, apothecary jars, crackling wooden wicks, high quality essential and fragrance oils. No room for any toxic chemicals, parabens or synthetic materials. The wick crackles and flickers whilst it burns which gives off the cosy feeling and ambience of sitting by an open fire place. These wicks also help with the scent throw of the candle and are better for the environment.

Why is this a great Zero Waste gift?

Soy wax burns at a lower temperature meaning it lasts 30 - 50% longer. No toxins released whilst burning making it a perfect gift to any health and environment conscience person.

Webiste | Facebook | Instagram

zero waste path shop zero-waste soap and shampoo bars featured on the sustainable collective blog


Zero Waste Path is a company based in Cambridge, specialising in creating sustainable beauty products using only natural ingredients. Their products are all vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free and hand made in Cambridge, UK. Their range includes shampoo bars, soaps, deodorants, lotions and more.

The company puts a lot of effort into creating products that are sustainable in every aspect, from the ingredients to the product and shipping packagings, the production, and the energy used in the process. They are also fully transparent about all the ingredients and their origin. Zero Waste Path has also a return scheme where each used tin could be refilled and discount for the next order will be offered.

Why is this a great Zero Waste gift?

Universal gift for any friend or family member with any type of skin or hair. All products are shipped plastic-free.

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Want sustainable cotton t-shirt printed with soy ink featured on the sustainable collective blog


Unlike harmful fast fashion, WANT T-shirts let you gift uniqueness, by providing an artist designed, limited edition, high quality and gift boxed T-shirt that promotes positive change.

Want t-shirts are made out of high quality sustainable cotton. Environmentally friendly hand screen-printed with soy based inks. Double stitched for guaranteed durability.

All the profits from the “There is no planet B t-shirt” go to Greenpeace charity.

Why is this a great Zero Waste gift?

We believe there is no better gifts than those that are not only beautiful but also very useful. All WANT t-shirts come in biodegradable packaging in a recycled card gift box. #NoPlastic

The company also recycles and repurposes the old t-shirts returned back to them and offers a £5 discount for the new one.

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: free delivery with code ‘SCFREEDEL' at the check out.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

The vegan food soy wrap featured on the sustainable collective blog

The Vegan Food Wraps

Based in Cotswolds, UK, The Vegan Food Wraps, are the plant based vegan alternative to single use plastic, cling film and tin foil. Their wraps are a natural, eco friendly and traditional way to protect and keep food fresh. They are also UK's only Vegan Society Certified vegan wax food wraps. Free of soy and beeswax wrap. Each wrap lasts up to a year, however could be easily rewaxed or composed making it the perfect solution to single use plastic foil.

Why is this a great Zero Waste gift?

Perfect gift for anyone looking for a real convenient kitchen wrap alternative. Easy to wash and use. Suitable to use in the kitchen or on the go (simply wrap your sandwich in it)!

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: 10% off your entire order with code ‘SLC10' at the check out. *Valid until Christmas.

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yuggen be the change reusable zero waste ziplock bags and bamboo utensils featured on the sustainable collective blog


Yuggen is a UK based family run business on the mission to restore native forests! Their range of reusable essentials plants a tree in Indonesia, Madagascar or Nepal for every single product sold.

Their reusable silicone ziplock bags are the great alternative to the single use plastic ziplocks, and are suitable for freezing, cooking, microwaving and even placed in the dishwasher. Their bamboo cutlery sets are 100% plastic free and biodegradable (including straw cleaners made from coconut shell) and a perfect solution for anyone on the go!

Why is this a great Zero Waste gift?

Great range of products to get anyone started on their sustainable journey. They offer Worldwide shipping. Delivered to your doors plastic free in repurposed boxes. Tree planted for each products sold.


EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: 15% off your entire order with code ‘SC15' at the check out.

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